Sunday, June 06, 2010

Summer Stuff - Llew and Vonnie - June 6, '10

Hi all. Summer is actually here which we welcomed with a picnic under the gazebo with the baby grape leaves hinting at full shade and the citronella candles lit for me to chase away the few bugs that are about. It was in the low 70s, a virtual heat wave here, after the 50s that we have been in lately.
I want to get your phone number, Kristen. Be sure to post it when you have one, if that is good.
And Anne, I have enjoyed reading your new postings and memories and plans for the Hill Country. My largest memories there, of course, which Kermit shares, I'm sure, are of Aunt Azalee's house and summer play with David and Donald, and the trip we went on to a relative's farm where bees were raised, where we overindulged in the honey and heat and fun, and needed to return to Austin with towels in our laps in case the honey flowed the wrong direction. And then a concert that I remember on the river there with blankets and snacks and the beautiful music and twilight sun.
Our news here is that Vonnie has a date for her knee replacement: July 5. So preparation with pre exercises and paperwork and all are moving along. Being mobile again will be a total boon.
I hope that the move for the Dunns and that the travel for the Robbins is going well and that all is enjoyed. Pretty soon, when we travel south, we will have places to stay galore as we trek around seeing everyone. Hint, hint.
I've been watching the news on the oil spill in the Gulf, and it brings up both memories of Galveston and Thibodaux and Grand Isle picnics and at the same time worry for the clean up and how long it might take. I want the Gulf to be as it is in my memory when I return. I've told Vonnie all about Gaido's Restaurant in Galveston, and now we have added your Italian place, the BuccodeBicca(I lose the name) to our list of places to go.
Ken, my favorite antique car is the Lamborghini, but I have only seen one in real life. Most I have seen only on paper. Seeing all the cars must have been a treat. Coming home from town yesterday afternoon, we passed about 20-30 older, spiffed up Thunderbirds, many of them convertables, that must have been on a drive on Chuckanut Drive and then through Fairhaven. We thought of you and the cars on your trip.
Well, rain and rust here today. Good summer. Llew and Vonnie

Saturday, June 05, 2010

To NC and Back

Here it is Saturday night and we are in a NC motel with "iffy" wireless satellite. Mountain in NC are gorgeous. Wireless satellite in mountains is not so gorgeous. I have heard it is this way, but did not know how frustrating it could be to type a little, or reply to an email, or print a little, and then lose the connection. No telling how long I will be online tonight due to the sporadic connection.

Ken cousin Ruthie's husband enjoyed his 90th birthday party today at a friend's car renovation garage out in the country where they restore peoples high end cars and race three Mercedes: #1 and #2 (better than #1--Ha! Ha!) and a third Mercedes that is diesel. There are all other kinds of cars in there also: Lambroghini, Lotus, Porche, Ferrari, Mercedes truck that has a mower on the back. I'll share the photos on Picasa later if their is enough connection power this evening. There were about 20 people there for a lasagna dinner and birthday cake. Richard and Ruth's daughter Peggy, husband Ron, and Bear (giant pure bred German Shepherd were also there, driving from NW of Chicago.

We will begin our way home Sunday morning and head west on I-40 through Knoxville and head north some to go to Jacksboro, county seat of Campbell County, TN, where our Hollingsworth great-great grandfather James Daniel Hollingsworth and his family lived in the 1800s.

In Albany, Clinton County, KY on Friday, I found papers such as a will, land records, and guardianship papers for James Porter Hollingsworth's family who lived there in the late 1800s before moving to Fannin County, TX in the 1890s.

Ken is enjoying the end of the 6 hours of the Watkins Glen, NY Race. I'll try to print a little more so I will be prepared for the Campbell County, TN Courthouse. It is mostly important to have all the Hollingsworth surname ancestors, their children, their siblings, and their spouses' surnamed ancestors, their children, and their siblings, their birth dates, death dates, and any dates possible when they lived in the county being research before their family migrated to the next place. Sometimes it can be complicated, and sometimes it is hard to find what you would like to find.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend , and will have a safe week. Love, Linda

Thursday, June 03, 2010

from CA

Well, now that I've FINALLY been able to get back on the blog (thanks to Llew), I don't really have that much to say. Nothing much is happening here in SoCAL; we went to see Robin Hood last weekend -- great advernture movie, not to mention Russell Crowe was just as hunky as he always is! I read Linda's posts (always so descriptive about who, what and where they're going or been). We also love The Closer and have been watching since the beginning. I do wish they'd rename the cat from "kitty" though! We also like Saving Grace, but this is its last season. Since we've gotten cable, it's like a whole new world -- Kermit is in 7th heaven with all the business and sports shows that are on and I'm now attached to the Disney and Hallmark channels. I spend most weekends catching us on the shows we've recorded during the week. Do you guys get Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen? It is hilarious! A little frisky for the kids, though. Hopefully, this weekend we can go see the Prince of Persia -- also another adventure (non-thinking) movie. A couple of my attorneys gave me AMC movie gift certificates for Christmas and birthday and we've done very well with them.

Now I only have two years left til retirement -- I wish I could find a retirement clock which was popular a few years ago; you just put in the date to retire and it wound down to that point. Maybe it's better I don't have one; it's bad enough for me to go online and look at the houses in Texas and their floor plans. Unless we win the lottery, I guess I'm stuck with the two years!

Sorry to rattle on like this; it just starts spewing out uncontrollably. Too bad I couldn't write novels!! Hope everyone is doing ok and hope to hear from anyone soon. Chow (couldn't remember how to spell it in Italian!
Love, Anne

Monday, May 31, 2010

Linda and Ken Headiing Out for TN, NC, TN again, KY, and Home

We will pack soon and leave for a trip to Tryon, NC to visit Ken's cousin Ruthie and Richie Boehning. They live outside of town in a beautiful wooded area with a back screened in porch that looks off into the valley below of their second story. Ruthie introduced me to The Closer and I have been hooked ever since. In her youth, Ruthie was quite a singer, and went to Hollywood to train as a starlet. Richie was in World War II and loves old cars. What is it, Chuck? He has three fancy ones in his garage, and I am to take pictures of them.

On the way we will stay with Clell (That's L.C. for Leonard Clell) and Sue Miller. Clell and his first wife were next door neighbors in Memphis and best friends with Ken, Pat, Chuck, Warren, and Nancy. Sue is Clell's second wife and she is so wonderful. I love both of their Mississippi accents and both are very gracious. We went to Branson last year with Kristen and Matthew and met Clell and Sue for a '40s big band weekend. This last fall we went on a cruise with them and Teri and Chuck that was very enjoyable. Sue is a retired librarian at the college level so we have a lot in common as far as our occupations go.

We will also stay with Martha Brown, one of Ken's co-workers at Agrico. She is so lovely and we enjoyed staying with her also last year in March. When Martha Martin Brown was single she used to take care of the Miller and Robbins kids when their parents went out. Martha is a widow after being married for quite a few years. She is a devout Catholic and does many positive things for her church.

This week Colton spent several days with us and helped Ken and me with jobs around our lot, in the hangar, and with me on the porches. Thanks, Colton! His parents, John and Elizabeth, John's brother Shaun, and Colton's brother Lewis came to pick up Colton and we went out to eat at Tater Junction.

Friday evening late Teri and Chuck arrived to spend a couple of nights with us. Chuck and Ken went to Ranger, TX for an air show and get together for our AAA group. Teri and went shopping and she found some things she liked. We have been eatiing out "a lot" lately and have brought home leftovers which I have frozen to use when we return home from our trip. Yesterday was at Babe's. Today we went to Cosco and Sam's and ate in the kitchen at Buca di Beppo. We brought home some leftovers including the green apple gorgonzola salad that many in our family like. Ken ate the rest of that this evening for his dinner.

I'll tell you later about coming back through Kentucky and Tennessee to different places from our going to NC.

I guess that's about all for now, except to say we love you, and hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and will have a good and safe week. I forgot that there is no spell check here so please overlook any spelling errors.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving Yet Again

Hello to all! As I write this, two very nice gentlemen are busily toting our belongings out to a truck. Later this afternoon we will head up to our new house on the northwest side of Houston. This will be the first of two moving days. Matt & I still have one week left of school so we will stay here for one more week then move the rest of the stuff next weekend. Steve has already started his new job in Brenham at Valmont Industries. He likes it very much and is making a better salary, so we are happy! I will still teach at Alief Learning Center next year. The alternative setting seems to suit me. It gets pretty rough the last two months of school, but August to April is pretty tame, so I have signed up for at least 1 more year.

Matt is excited about starting 2nd grade at his new school. We have already made a tour of the playground. Our new address will be: 12138 Canyon Arbor Way, Houston, TX 77095. It's a nice 2 story house on a cul-de-sac with a great back patio and backyard.

It seems like we move all the time, but for me, as long as it's in Texas and not clear across the country, I'm okay with it! It will be closer to family, albeit not by much, but every little bit helps!

I am extremely excited to have my 1st summer off after teaching a year! I have so much planned. Cleaning out closets, scrapbooking, making sure Matt is well-prepared for 2nd grade, and so much more. Who knows if it will all get done, but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Well, I have to go for now... little bits and pieces is how I seem to be operating for now...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spring, 2010, in Bellingham - Llew

To carry on my spring checking in here tradition, we are enjoying an early bloom of our gardens here having had very warm and dry weather (for the rusting Washingtonians) in February and March. The last few days, however, have reintroduced the winter that left early, with rain and below average coolness. Today it was 54 for a high, whereas generally it is in the mid to high 60s, and when I moved out here in the 70s, it even got a high as in the 80s this time of year. Amazing.
I have been watching the happenings in the Gulf of Mexico and wishing that it begins to get cleaned up and handled better some time soon. I watch the maps and am especially concerned about Thibodaux, where I lived, and Houma where friends live now, and Grand Isle, where I even saw one of my former students at Nicholl's State University on a new report.
We are planning to stay close to Bellingham most of the summer, with a couple of trips near by to see some Shakespeare plays, one in Vancouver, British Columbia, that combines all the material on the character Falstaff, from the Henry histories and the comedy "The Merry Wives of Windsor" into a single production on the one character. A friend from Phoenix, Arizona will be visiting when we travel up to see it, and to see Canada, also. There will be additional plays out at Lake Padden here and down at a theater in Mount Vernon that we enjoy and where I inevitably see former students who are now in their 30s and 40s from Burlington days. They always have fond memories of the classes and of me which somewhat makes me wonder if time doesn't indeed erase all flaws. Seeing them is an enjoyment, and reconnecting through them with a host of others in conversation and news.
Vonnie is scheduled for her knee replacement either the week before or the week after Julyn 4th, and we are really, really happy about that. Soon, she will be active and walking once more. My own knee replacement (actually, only 1/2 of the knee) was several years ago by the same doctor, and has been perfect and such a huge relief. He's an excellent surgeon, and we are lucky to have him here in Bellingham.
At some point, after we are both fully mobile, we will be traveling south and hope to see many of you. We seem to be on the seeing relatives in Texas and Oklahoma on the 10 or 15 or even 40 year plan. But we are looking forward.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Trip to Houston, March 26-April 3, 2010

HI! Family,

I am beginning a new blog entry in the KenLinFamily as it will create a memory for me and Ken. I wish I could go back and recreate all the wonderful memories that I have not expressed in this way, but since I haven't, I will have to enjoy those memories in my head.. A blog memory is creating family history. This will still be only for family members to receive. It is not a public blog like is.

We drove to Clear Lake City, really Houston, Texas, as Clear Lake City is a large area with their own CLISD (Clear Lake Independent School District), churches, housing additions with home associations and swimming pools, but I don't think it has its own city government. I know the police force is part of the Houston, Texas PD. Our drive takes about 5+ hours as it is almost 300 miles and we litterally drive through two busy cities, Fort Worth (I-35W) and Houston (I-45). It doesn't seem to matter when we go through those cities anymore. There are always slowdowns, no matter what time of day we go.

Friday night we attended Matthew's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet at the CLC Presbyterian Church. Sunday we attended their CLC United Methodist Church's Palm Sunday service. Monday Kristen and Steve went to work, but Matthew had a day off due to teacher inservice in his district. We three went to the Downtown Aquarium, went through the live fish and animal exibits, rode the ferris wheel and the carousel. In the afternoon we drove to Kemah to meet our genealogy friend, Irene Ashe, for a late lunch.

Matthew is in 6-7 year old CLC baseball. He is very good. During two games he caught the ball on first to get someone out, and made several bases himself after batting. Steve is an assistant coach and Kristen brought treats for all the players at the second game.

Tuesday I went to the Houston's Clayton Genealogy Library and learned out to find out about Ken's cousins' dad's first marriage from Catholic Church records, his naturalization papers, and a newspaper article that mentions about 100+ men who joined a veteran's group after the Civil War in Anderson County, Texas. Ken went to the Hobby Aviation Museum in the old Hobby terminal.

Wednesday we drove to Galveston and I dropped Ken off at the Lone Star Aviation Museum and I went to the Texas History Center on the third floor of Galveston's Rosenberg Library. I learned more about the 50s when my family lived in Galveston and copied photographs of our church, the old San Jacinto Elementary School, the City Auditorium where we went to an elementary school art exhibit, and the Pleasure Pier where I heard the San Antonio Symphony with Victor Allesandro play Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter" with a real typewriter as an instrument. The Pleasure Pier has changed over the years and has been most recently a hotel out over the Gulf that is still visibly destroyed after Hurrican Ike. I took photos of Victor Neal's home where Llew and I used to walk the nine blocks to his home down Sealy Street to 1003 from 1920. Ken and I went to lunch at Gaido's, a special place for our family in the 50s and in its 99th year of operation. They have pretty scrumptious seafood. I enjoyed fried shrmip for memories' sake and Ken had his favorite grilled scallops.

Friday all three of Kristen's family had the day off for Good Friday and we went back to Galveston. We enjoyed a paddlewheel boat ride from Moody Gardens around Offet's Bayou, toured the Moody Mansion which has an interesting history, and ate again at Gaido's. I had my favorite: grilled salmon and Ken repeated his favorite: grilled scallops.

We enjoyed being with our Houston daughter and family. We packed up Saturday morning, drove our 6+ hours with stops in Houston for Ken, and arrived home about 7 pm. Our mailbox was full, our sewer system is working fine, and we are glad to be home.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Llew and Vonnie in Washington 10-13-08

Wow, I looked at the blog because it's a part of this machine that I am somewhat at ease with, and there are new things on it. I was very saddened to hear of Richard's death and send my most sincere care to all of his family, both ones whom I know from many years ago in Cleveland visits and others, and ones whom I have not met. As I told Linda and Ken in an email, I am very glad that they were able to to to Arkansas and visit with everyone. I visit vicariously through Linda's internet postings.
Winter is at our heels here, with nighttime temperatures in the low 30s but not quite freezing. Our yard duck, who is larger than most geese, wonders where all her furniture went, since she likes to nap out of the mist, rain, or sun. Vonnie and I took a trip to Ashland, Oregon, in the summer and saw some Shakespeare plays and other plays at the theaters there, and also had a reunion with a couple of people whom I had taught with in Thibodaux, Louisiana, in the late 60s. These were people who use to enjoy my trips to Cleveland because they loved Granny Gray's vegetable soup base and her turnip greens that I came back with. One of my friends from there, who also suddenly died earlier in the summer, very like Richard, unexpected, had actually gone with me to Cleveland once and met both Granny and Granddaddy.
Vonnie and I have a new favorite place in Bellingham, which is Boulevard Park on the bay. It is the start of a long boardwalk that connects downtown to Fairhaven (a smaller area that was a historical town long ago and is now a cute and busy tourist haven), but our magnet is a coffee house called Woods, with a fireplace, coffee choices that Linda and Ken say can only be found in Washington, and views of the boats and water. Matt might remember the park because it is where the antique car show was that he liked. Vonnie says that Woods is equally as good as Starbucks. Wow! I always smile because instead of ordering small, medium, large, or for Starbuck lingo, grande, viente, and tall, they order by Spruce, Fir, and Evergreen, in tree sizes.
I can't remember the sequence, but I know that I generally get a Spruce.
All of our kitties are fine. Mithril Boy had to have a new collar. Our neighbor called to say that she had found it old one in her driveway area a few days ago, and was worried about him. Sweet Winkie got locked in another neighbor's garage and is now virtually a house cat, not wanting to go out much. And Kim is still the Alpha Male ruler of the house, bossing the other two around, even though she is the youngest and newest.
We enjoy seeing all the pictures that are sent out way, and get somewhat embarrassed that we still haven't learned to load pictures to the computer to send. We need a tutor, here, daily, it seems. We will send some paper pictures out with Christmas.
Hello to all. Love, Llew

Monday, August 25, 2008

Reintroducing our family blog

I would like to reintroduce our family blog. It is still private where no one can view what we write or share who is not an invited guest.

I want to include Llew, Elizabeth, Kristen, Brandi, and Jody who we have been visiting since Saturday.

We have had a wonderful time being with them and their extended family. Jody and Cecil have bent over backwards to show us the sites in their area: more details on that later. We enjoyed being with our other cousins yesterday at their home. There were so many of us I couldn't count them all. They brought food, we visited, they helped me with their family genealogy, and we played Go, Fish!

I love each of you and hope you are having a great week. Remember that you can make your own post and comment on the other posts. This is better than posting on FaceBook, because it will stay private, and not be aired on the whole Interent. Some things are private. Some things are public. Love, Mom Linda

Saturday, July 12, 2008

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: READER'S FEEDBACK: Comparing websites

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog: READER'S FEEDBACK: Comparing websites

I also appreciate places where I can get the best bang for my buck, not only moneywise, but what features the website has to offer, its ease of use, as well as its comprehensiveness.

As far as comparison shopping goes, it helps me to find a web site that has done all the work for me. I have looked at the following web sites and some of their links. This does not mean I necessarily endorse the information they give and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all of the information. As far as I researched, the links should work in the most recently updated web sites. I will list the following web sites that I have Googled, using the following keywords in the search line:

comparison rating review genealogy web sites

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Webmaster & Owner: Cyndi Howells, Cyndi@CyndisList.comUpdated Friday, 11 July 2008, 10:01:15 PM PDT
1996-2008: Your genealogy starting point online for more than a decade!

Louis Kessler'sGenealogy Software Links
Last update: Wednesday July 02 2008

Top Ten Reviews
2003-2008 Copyright.

2008 Genealogy Service Reviews
It gives today's date: Saturday, July 12, 2008, but that does not mean that anything has been updated on this date, only that it is today's date when I accessed the web site.

Top 5 Genealogy Magazines for Family History Enthusiasts
©2008, a part of The New York Times Company.

Family Tree Magazine / July 15th / 101 Best Web Sites!
Joining a genealogy blogspot group will broaden our knowledge about what is the newest and best on the Internet.July 15th / 101 Best Web Sites!

Consumer Search
Updated September 2007

Genealogy Finder1.0
Added to www.cnet/download August 16, 2001
Latest review by a reader: January 5, 2006
Although this download may seem outdated, a majority of the reader reviews stated they located web sites through this free download that they would not have found on their own. You must have the free WinZip or other unzip program to complete the download. If you try to save it to a location on your computer first, it will not open. Open it first, unzip it, and then use a Search from the Start on the bottom menu to locate where it will open on your C Drive. Right click on the Red Box icon, Copy, Open another folder, and Paste it where you want it to go on your computer. May sound complicated, but if I can do it, I bet you can also.

I consider my self an intermediate user of technology and a fairly new newbie with genealogy on the Internet. I subscribe to,, and I also make use of, (am a volunteer for bios and photographs), (message boards, lookups for US, state, county, cemeteries, historical society help), and any other web sites that will help me with my research. I do not depend on one web site whether subscription or free to do my best to document the ancestry lines in my family. I also believe in taking course work online (free and paid) and in my geographical area at the local historical society at the local museum (20 minute drive) or at the local Family History Center (20 minute drive) to our nearest 5,000 populated town.

Good luck to all of us with our family history searching.

Linda Robbins

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here are a few pictures from Anna's first trick or treating experience. She was a little hesitant at first, but when she figured out she got CANDY, she was all for it! Hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Greetings from Blanchard USA

Well, now that I have 10 seconds where I'm not planning a birthday party, and I don't have to quite jump on the bachelorette party being held at my house in October I'll try to post a few updates...

James, Anna and I are doing well. James and I seem to be too busy with work as usual. I've taken on teaching an online class this semester. It is a totally weird and new experience for me. I can't say that I just love it. I do like that I'm not tied down to a class every week which cramps my travel schedule, but I do miss the interaction with the students and being able to make sure they "get" the material. Hopefully as time goes by I'll get better at it.

Anna is growing by leaps and bounds. We had her birthday party this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, hopefully you've had the chance to look at Linda's pics on Snapfish from the event. Anna played hard all day long. She can now sing the ABC song, Twinkle, Twinkle and Row Your Boat. I need to tape it because it is so darn cute! Last night mom and I took her to the "Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes" show at the OK State Fair. She dressed up in one of her new princess outfits and had a grand time. The only time she got scared was during the Sleeping Beauty part when the set out all the fog machines and rolled out the big fire breathing dragon (yes, there were flames burning on the ice!). Fortunately, that was towards the end. She did however, love looking at the Midway. All the flashing lights and people. I think she could have just stood there for hours watching it all. Oh yeah, she also started wearing panties this week! Woo Hoo!!! Apparently, she's really good about going to the potty at her Children's Day Out program so they told us to send her with panties, no pull-ups. She made it through class ok, but not so much with Mom. But its a pretty big step in the right direction. On one hand I'm thrilled, but on the other it just means she's growing up...

James is doing well. He's busy with work most of the time. I think he needs a vacation, so I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze that in, or at least looking for opportunities for one! I'm not sure what his project is right now. He always seems to have something he's working on around the house, but I've given up trying to figure out what they are...

Hmmm, other highlights from the Littlejohn household. We got a sidewalk finally!! Yeah!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. It looks great and really adds to the house I think. Imagine, people might actually use our front door now! Woo Hoo!!

The pics were taken on Anna's birthday. The outfit is one from a Pixie dress-up box a friend of mine got her. She certainly can dress up now. She has 3 pixie outfits, 2 princess dresses, a chef outfit and assorted other hats around the house. Of course, she loves it!

Monday, September 10, 2007

How to import pictures

There are several ways to do it. I hope if Elizabeth, Kristen, or Brandi read this they will share their ways with you. Their ways are much better than mine.

First, look at the menu bar above this message, the one that begins with "Font" and goes on over to ABC checkmark (Spelling). The next one to it is a picture. Click on the picture. It says, Add Image when you scroll over it. The next window will give you options.

Go to browse, and find the place on your computer where you have stored your pictures. It could be that they are on the camera, a CD, your desktop in a folder you created or assigned them to, or on a website, like Picasa or snapfish.

Next, import your pictures. I choose small or medium image so it does take up so much space on someone else's computer. I usually choose none for the arrangement. Then you can add your text to your message and post. Let me or Elizabeth, Kristen, or Brandi know if you still are having problems. They really have this down for their pictures.



Okay, Linda, I'm in now.

If I were to post some pictures I took yesterday, what would be the best way to do so? I tried sending them by email to you and Llew, but my little computer is like a Model T compared to the one here at work, the Ferrari! I sent just one to Kermit on his computer and it took forever!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Key Family Update

Hello All!

It's raining here in sunny Ardmore. I'll attached some pics of the boys. Lewis broke his tibia, in the growth plate. It's called a horse shoe break. Second day of school, in football practice, he got tackled and it bent his ankle in a different way than it was designed to bend. His leg itches and he complains quite a bit... right now actually. He's doing Algebra homework and chanting "itchy.. itchy..itchy" under his breath. Colton is keeping a rather simple schedule this fall. School and Broadway Kids on Monday afternoons. He'll do a Christmas break art class at the Goddard center. John and I are keeping busy with work and church. Oh! We've joined a dance group "TLF" (two left feet). They meet every Tuesday from 6-7pm at a local bank in a second floor ballroom downtown. They also have a monthly dance and dinner at the country club. We like the group.. they are rather serious about it. We learned the foxtrot last week. It's the one place where the men outnumber the women. I like that it only lasts an hour. If we can get away from work and kid functions, an hour isn't too horrible of a comittment.
I've posted a few pics: Lewis' back to school party. It was supposed to be an "everyone leaves after the s'mores at 9pm" and turned into a sleep over with 7 boys with the condition that they had to haul hay with us at 6am the next morning. Colton and John playing chess during the party. And Colton was helping me in the office. He is an excellent shredder, folder, and paper cutter.

Hope all is well with everyone! Love, Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

News from the Dunn household

Well, I am happy to report that we are expecting the newest addition to the Dunn family... and this time it's a human and not another animal!

I am due April 28,2008. We're hoping for a girl, but we have all the stuff for a boy, so either will be gladly welcomed into the family!

I am including a pic of Matt on his 1st day of pre-K. He really loves going to school and is having all sorts of fun!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trip to OK KS IA WI

We had a wonderful time visiting with or talking with all of our children, some grandchildren, and one new great grandchild on our trip north.
Here are three pictures of parts of our trip. Hope all of you are doing well and that you will add something to our blog soon.
The rest of the pictures are on Snapfish if you wish to view them.
Love, Linda

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Newest Additions to the Family....

Here are some pics of our new kitties and our new doggie!

The kitties are sisters, and their names are Ruff & Tumble. The beagle's name is Sam.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Linda's Surprise Family Retirement Party

*Linda, Kristen, Anna, Brandi, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Teri--the greatest ladies I could ever wish for as daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughter*

We enjoyed our time with almost all of our familes being here. Nancy thought up the idea of the retirement party and called Elizabeth and Kristen. Chuck and Teri came down first on Friday night from Park City, KS and stayed until Monday. Kristen, Steve, and Matthew came from Fort Dodge, IA and stayed from Saturday until Tuesday. Nancy and Michael came Sunday from Durant, OK and stayed until Monday. Elizabeth, Lewis, and Colton came from Ardmore, OK Sunday and stayed until Monday. James, Brandi, and Anna came from Blanchard Sunday and stayed until Monday.

*Matthew, Steve, Ken, Lewis, Chuck, James, Michael, and Colton--the greatest men and young guys I could every wish for as hubby, sons, son-in-laws, and grandsons*

We loved our time together and enjoyed playing board games, going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and surviving the torrential rains at time as well as a small bicycle collision with a very small pedestrian.

Thank you children and grandchildren who could be here for the retirement cake, the chocolate brownies, the chocolate peanut butter ribbon pie, the waffle ice cream cones, the buffalo burgers and pulled pork from Brandi and James, the potato, macaroni salads, and baked beans from Kristen and Steve, the buns, bread, and chips from Teri and Chuck, and the paper goods from Elizabeth.

Also thank you for the cards and gifts. Your presence was the best gift I could have wish for.
I hope that everyone will have or had a safe trip to your homes.

Kristen and Steve are on a week's vacation and will continue on to visit Steve's dad and stepmom west of Killeen and Judy Williams, Kristen's teacher friend, who will drive back to Iowa with Kristen and Steve for a visit up there.

This is one of Matthew's favorite activities: watching the clothes go round and round in our washing machine. It is fascinating to see him watch it.

Today I am on my way back to work for 3-4 days to finish up cataloging, covering books with mylar, and leaving a notebook for the new librarian. This afternoon I will visit with most of our NISD librarians for a retirement and other librarians leaving the district at our party at a Roanoke restaurant.

Love, Mom Linda
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Saturday, May 12, 2007


Happy Mother's Day to Linda, Elizabeth, Kristen, and Brandi from the out West pair of family, Llew and Vonnie. We both hope that you have a wonderful day and that you are pampered and treated to treats and that there is sunshine, flowers, and no work to speak of. Love, Llew and Vonnie

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Matt's Easter Bunny Pic

Well, it took the promise of a new Hotwheels car, but Matt finally got his picture taken with the Easter bunny at the mall.

Steve and I are busy painting the basement rec room where the pool table is. Since we were painting paneling, it took about 3 coats of primer and then 2 coats of paint. What a pain in the butt, but at least it's a lot lighter down there now, and not nearly as scary!

We had an awesome time with all our visitors here in Ft. Dodge. First, Mom and Pops for her Spring Break. Pops and I worked our tails off doing odds and ends around the house. Then Liz and the boys came for their Spring Break. Lots of fun hanging out!

Love to everyone,


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Matthew tried to wake up Grandpa on our last morning by reading a favorite book to him. It worked. Grandpa got up. Steve is all ready to go to work and Kristen looks so relaxed in her PJs. linsue

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Matthew and I had a good time together while Kristen and Grandpa went shopping for supplies to fix things at home. There is this great patio for Matthew to go around in circles by the back steps in the back yard. We found this play area at Menards (like a Home Depot) to play in while Kristen and Grandpa were in another part of the store. linsue

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This is how the new Iowa Dunn home looked our second day to visit. Kristen, Grandpa, and Matthew were busy clearing the driveway and the yard. linsue

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These are our Bradford pear trees. that bloomed just before our Spring Break trip to see most everyone on March 10th. There are 9 of them in a row. They only bloom for a few days before turning to the green leaves. This year there are more blooms than in recent years, although I am surprised they are this full with the drought we had last year. Yea! I got to see them before we left. Do you have plants or trees that you get excited about in the Spring? linsue

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Pretty Different Weather for Texas

In March, we began with an ice storm (top picture) and then we continued with a dust storm (next three pictures). Now we have flooding in our county and across much of Texas. How is it where you are?

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winter Times

Hi! All, Here we are on one winter day when we were iced in putting a Big Ben puzzle together. It is the only day that Ken has ever spent totally in his PJs.
This is near the end of our icy day. Just a lot of slush and some ice on the roof still.
Last Monday evening Ken decided his little pinkie would catch the brunt of his new utility knife that slice the old water hose as well as his leather work glove and some skin. Dr. Key (no relation) sewed him up. It looks like he will recover.
Today we had 60 mph winds from the west that brought some cotton soil dust from Lubbock with it. We had a small dust storm with yellow-red dust from the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles for several hours before it went to the east.

Kristen said they got moved in, after depositing 125 pounds of rock salt on the driveway and sidewalks for the movers to do their job in Fort Dodge. The movers did not make it to Fort Dodge as planned, but had to stop in Cedar Rapids, IA the night before due to bad roads. They made it to Fort Dodge this morning after a normal 2 1/2 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive. I-35 in Iowa is closed. Kristen said that up to a foot of snow was expected by in the morning, after 5 inches today. What a moving day!

Take care! Love, linsue
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